DFWC and TFWA the Tax Free World Association have joined forces in the fight against illicit trade, counterfeiting and intellectual property theft across duty free and travel retail. Together, the parties have launched the global campaign“Duty Free: Trusted, Transparent, Secure” to highlight the industry’s stance against, and dangers of, the illicit trade in counterfeit goods, and urge governments to do more, and to collaborate with the industry in fighting this activity.
Counterfeiting, intellectual property theft and illicit trade are a growing concern for industries across the world, and the duty- and tax-free industry, like many other industries, loses millions every year in lost sales opportunities as a result of these criminal activities. The duty- and tax-free industry is committed to actively supporting the global anti-illicit trade enforcement community and governments to counter this growing threat.
The organisations stressed that the duty- and tax-free channel is one of the most trusted, transparent, secure and legitimate supply chains in the world and products sold in travel retail shops are authentic, genuine and traceable.
In a media briefing July 5th. 2022, DFWC President Sarah Branquinho highlighted the industry’s “zero-tolerance approach to these issues: “First and foremost, [this is] an industry campaign focused on raising awareness of the growing global issue of illicit trade, counterfeiting, intellectual property, theft and the robust stance the industry continues to take against it.”
She added in a statement: “Our retailers and brand owners lose millions in lost sales opportunities each year to the criminals who control illicit trade, and we urge governments around the world to collaborate with our industry on this important issue.
“Duty- and tax-free retailers worldwide stand shoulder to shoulder with our brand-owner colleagues and those on the front line in the fight against these crimes.”
She stressed that the campaign will also demonstrate to enforcement authorities “just how transparent and secure our industry supply chains are” adding that “we want to find new ways to collaborate and cooperate with others who are seeking to tackle this problem.”
For more information on the dangers of illicit trade and the DFWC’s efforts to counter it please see the Position Paper.