Survey on draft Professional Standards for frontline retail and promotions staff in the duty free and travel retail industry

Your view is important to us and we invite you to participate to this consultation by giving us your input.

Professional standards for duty free and travel retail industry.

Customer expectations are never static and with increasing access to multiple retail options, it is essential that businesses working in our industry are maximising opportunities for growth.

Time and time again it has been demonstrated that highly skilled staff are critical to delivering and exceeding customers’ expectations and ensuring that the retail service they receive in a duty free and travel retail environment is truly world class.

On this basis, the Duty Free World Council Academy (DFWC Academy) brought together a group of retailers and brand owners from across our industry, to assist in the development of Professional Standards for key occupations in the duty free retail environment. The initial set of standards applies to front line retail staff working across all product categories. In addition the group decided to develop standards for Retail and Promotional staff in the fragrance and tobacco categories. Specific standards for other product categories will be developed in due course.

Professional Standards set out the skills, knowledge and behaviours that people need to be fully competent in their role. As a starting point, the working group developed a draft set of standards applicable to both front line retail employees and promotions staff.

The professional standards do not give any one business a competitive advantage, as all businesses will continue to have their unique selling points. What they do, is allow employers map their in-house training to the Professional Standards to ensure it is in line with industry agreed standards and they provide confidence when employing new members of staff, who have achieved the standard, that they have the required skills, knowledge and behaviours.

It is important that the Professional Standards for duty free and travel retail have the input of as many stakeholders as possible before finalisation so that they can achieve the best results for the industry. Hence, the DFWC Academy would welcome your comments on the draft standards.

These standards are relevant to your businesses because they set a common industry standard that will raise professionalism in our industry to deliver that world class shopping experience and will enable individual employees to develop essential transferable skills. Therefore, please take 10 minutes and follow these links [A professional standard for a Sales Assistant] & [A professional standard for a Tobacco Specialist] to read the draft standards and answer the questions in the short survey.

Who is this consultation aimed at?

The questions in this consultation are for the individuals in your organisation involved in the recruitment and training of front line retail staff and sales promoters. This might be training and development professionals, commercial operations or a cross function team. Please engage the appropriate person / team in your organisation to provide feedback.

What are the benefits of Professional Standards?

The Professional Standards help to build a talent pool of world-class individuals that businesses jointly develop and can tap into to meet their own workforce development needs. They set out “what competent looks like” and they are a benchmark for individuals to aspire to in their occupation. Importantly, they also help employers take a consistent approach to defining the skills, knowledge and behaviours that employees need both now and in the future.
Businesses can map their in-house training to the Professional Standards to ensure it is in line with the industry agreed definition of competence for an occupation. At a later stage the DFWC Academy can Quality Mark training programmes that meet the standards and which can then be promoted with pride to support employee recruitment and retention. Additionally, Individuals will be able to work towards achieving a professional standard via a formal assessment, which proves that they have achieved the full breadth of skills, knowledge and behaviours that employers have agreed are needed in the duty free and travel retail environment.

What next?
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