APTRA: Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association

APTRA is the trade association for the duty free and travel retail industry in the Asia Pacific region, serving all members and working to help grow the business and protect it when challenges arise.

ASUTIL- Asociación Sudamericana de Tiendas Libres

Constituted in August 1995, ASUTIL is an international ONG which promotes and protects the Duty & Tax-Free industry in Latin America and the Caribbean countries. The association’s main initiatives and activities, includes its annual CONFERENCE in June, now converted into the SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS; the BORDER MEETING, a new updated and informative INSTITUTIONAL WEBSITE, and a large TEAM of directors, attorneys, and other specialists working in various issues to defend and promote suppliers and operators, plan actions and elaborate noteworthy strategies related to very sensitive topics such as new regulations.

ETRC- European Travel Retail Confederation

The European Travel Retail Confederation (ETRC) is an industry association for the duty free and travel retail industry in Europe, serving the industry and its members and helping create the right environment to allow the industry to achieve its potential and protect it when challenges arise. ETRC is composed of national trade associations and direct corporate membership and represents over 500 European companies.

FDFA: Frontier Duty Free Association

The Frontier Duty Free Association (FDFA) is the industry association representing the interests of Canada’s duty free shops since 1984. Active membership includes Canadian Land Border Duty Free Shops, and through associate membership; Canadian Airport Duty Free stores; U.S. Land Border Duty Free stores; and duty free supplier companies. The FDFA’s primary role is to advocate and present industry concerns to government, insuring the importance and value of the Canadian duty free industry is recognised. The Association hosts an annual convention to foster duty free businesses by offering a platform for collaboration and innovation, a place to build relationships and brands based on value and growth.

IAADFS: International Association of Airport Duty Free Stores

The International Association of Airport and Duty Free Stores (IAADFS) is an international trade association originally founded in 1966 and serving its members and the industry for more than 50 years. The association's primary focus is advocating on behalf of the industry before various governmental bodies and other international agencies.  Through the organization of the Summit of the Americas, the leading event for the duty free and travel retail industry in the Americas and Caribbean, IAADFS helps bring together key industry stakeholders to learn, network, and conduct business.

MEADFA- Middle East and Africa Duty Free Association

The Middle East & Africa Duty Free Association (MEADFA) became an officially recognized entity within the global duty free and travel retail business in May 2001. Founded by nine of the leading travel retail organizations of the Middle East, membership of MEADFA currently stands at 35.

TFWA: Tax Free World Association

Founded in 1984, TFWA is the world's biggest duty free and travel retail association, providing the industry with high-quality exhibitions, acclaimed conferences and workshops, and in-depth market research.

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