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Duty Free World Council and ACI World forge new training partnership

The Duty Free World Council and Airports Council International (ACI) World have agreed to fostering a closer strategic partnership for training of front-line and management staff. Read more
July 2021

DFWC webinar “2021 – The Year of Recovery?”

The presentations and a full recording of the webinar held on February 3rd can be downloaded here:
DFWC Presidents Presentation and regional Overviews | ACI Presentation | Full Recording of the webinar.
February 2021

The DFWC Quarterly Monitors have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic impact on travel.

DFWC, TFWA and ACI call to UK Chancellor of the Exchequer to drop proposal to end airport tax free sales

DFWC and ICI issue a joint call for the Relaxation of duty free limits and the introduction of on-arrival duty and tax-free shopping

DFWC Academy launches Free “Return to Work” Training course

DFWC Q1 KPI Monitor reveals Covid-19 impact on shopper behaviour amid global passenger satisfaction

DFWC welcomes the decision taken by the FCTC Secretariat to reschedule the next round of meetings until November 2021

DFWC 2019 Annual KPI monitor report identifies novelty, variety and differentiation as long-term satisfaction drivers

DFWC Q1 KPI spotlights “Variety” and “value” emerge as key satisfaction drivers

DFWC Position Paper on WHO Protocol to eliminate the illicit trade in tobacco products MOP 2

DFWC Calls on the Indian Government to maintain duty free allowances at existing levels

DFWC Q3 KPI Monitor highlights the importance of engaging with shopping planners prior to travel

Duty Free World Council Academy to launch Certificate Course in Duty Free & Travel Retail

DFWC KPI monitor shows Travel Retail Exclusives essential to Duty Free shoppers

Press Release: Duty free differential emerges as key satisfaction driver in latest DFWC KPI monitor.

DFWC KPI Monitor reveals novelties in duty free continue to drive shopper satisfaction

New security measures for passengers departing from Australian airports carrying powder-like substances

DFWC Press statement re USA powder measure

New security measures for US-bound passengers carrying powder-like substances

A Professional Standard for a Tobacco product category specialist by DFWC Academy

Professional Standard for a Fragrance product category specialist by DFWC Academy

Professional Standard for a Sales Assistant

Duty Free World Council Meets in Orlando

DFWC Academy launches Industry-wide Consultation on Draft Professional Standards

DFWC and TRT agree to end collaboration on DFWC Academy project

False Allegations regarding Colombo Bandaranaike Airport’s concession process challenged by DFWC

DFWC study emphasises European airports’ reliance on retail

DFWC Impact Study will be a vital tool for industry

DFWC report highlights importance of travel retail to wider European economy

Industry reaches milestone with release of economic impact report

Frank O’Connell: Research and impact studies among World Council priorities

Duty Free World Council to build global industry database

Duty Free World Council ‘up and running’

Duty Free World Council is born at IAADFS

Duty Free World Council is born at IAADFS
17 March 2014

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